On the Boards Part 2

Retreat @ Dusk
retreat @ dusk

Presenting a proposed project rendering with lighting has its challenges, but can create dramatic imagery that makes them well worth the effort. For the lake retreat we saw an opportunity to highlight the clean simple geometry and design aesthetic with such an image. The 3D model was created using Google SketchUp and rendered with Shaderlight.

For designers, it is our responsibility to ensure our clients fully understand the final product they will receive prior to a shovel ever entering the ground. Some architects still rely on 2-dimensional drawings as a way of communication along with savvy salesmanship skills – and yes it still works for some, but reality grabs ahold of an architect at many given points during their career where they must answer a simple question. Will you continue to do what you can to stay current and/or up to date with technology and your colleagues OR will you be “old-school” (whatever that means to each generation of architects?) I won’t say one path is better than the other when it comes to being an architect, but I do have an opinion for architects who have a desire to always push for bettering the environment, their communities, and the built world in which we live. EXPAND your palette of tools to stay creative!

My opinion is modeling and rendering are not a necessary evil in the profession but simply one tool by which we can creatively communicate our ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words – what better way to communicate with our client than a rendering at dusk to make educated decisions about both exterior and interior lighting? A 2-Dimensional drawing and a few pictures of light fixture just aren’t  going to cut it!

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