Designing the Solution 1 of …….

Ceiling SketchDesigning the Solution 1 of …..

For Architects and Interior Designers, the process we use varies by both firm and individual for how we solve a client’s hurdles. It’s a creative process for us that involves a charette to discover ideas and develop a goal for the client. The goal becomes a mission statement for us where we bounce the ideas off that mission statement and constantly evaluate whether we are on track OR are we designing 180 degrees in the opposite direction? Sometimes the goal is purely function driven (Yes we do follow a form follows function mindset – most of the time,) but it may also be driven by a specific aesthetic or adherence to a set budget. Every project is different – really!

The example sketch was proposed during the early stages of design for a break room ceiling on a recently completed project. The project goals were comprised of single descriptive words for this project as a result of a full day of research and development and a design ideas charette. They were:

Clean, Elegant, Sophisticated, Simple, Movement, Energy, Creative, Responsive, Quality

So this is where we start…….stay tuned for how we engage the client on discussing this design solution and the current tools we use to convey our ideas beyond the simple sketch…..